Children's Program

Children and youth need a positive circle of influence where people will rally around them, challenge them and help them fulfill their God-given potential. When this happens, children develop in a way that is transforming - emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Those who attend our weekly programs are developing and blossoming in a way that will transform our city for years to come. Our mission is all about developing - one mind, one heart, one child, one soul at a time.

The Children’s Educational program at Mission First serves children and families across the Metro by providing after-school programming during the school year and an 8 week summer educational enrichment program during the summer months. Both programs focus on developing children through music, art, drama, recreation and Bible study.

School year volunteer hours:
Monday - Thursday; 2:30 PM through 5:00 PM

Summer program volunteer hours:
Monday - Friday; 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM

If you would like to contact the Director of the Education Program regarding registration and placement opportunities, please click the Children's Request tab on the right side of this page.

For more information, please call 601.608.0043 or 601.608.0048.