Ministry vitals

What is Mission First? For some, it’s a refuge. It’s a place of encouragement. It’s help. For others, it’s a place of hope. But for all, it’s a place of practical help and spiritual light - it’s an oasis in the center of the Metro Jackson area.

Mission First, founded in 1999, is an inner city, non-profit missions organization designed to serve others the way Christ served during his time here on earth. We have six main programs that meet tangible needs and share Christ. Those programs meet people right at their point of need - children’s educational programming, sports ministries, community development programming, medical & dental services, legal assistance and a comprehensive wellness program.

In 2011, Mission First: 
- conducted over 1,800 Medical & Dental patient visits and provided over $730,000 in Medical & Dental services
- engaged more than 250 Legal volunteers that assisted more than 1,200 legal clients that translated into almost $1 million in legal services
- invested 600 hours of education instruction for each child & youth enrolled in our year round programs
- mobilized over 1,500 volunteers through the Community Development Program to pour more than 10,000 volunteer hours of sweat into the West Park community
- strengthened nearly 50 clients through the Comprehensive Wellness Program
- built innumberable relationships with individuals in the community that are nutured and maintained day after day
- provided spiritual counsel and investment whose total impact is immeasurable and may only be fully recognized through the lens of the eternal 

To date, Mission First has:
- built a 40,000 square foot ministry campus
- invested over 6.8 million dollars in the community
- completed demolition of 20 apartment units, 4 commercial properties, 7 houses and 2 vacant lots
- renovated 2 houses
- delivered 5.5 tons of Thanksgiving dinners
- co-sponsored 12 health fairs
- provided more than $56,000 in Christmas Store gift items
- engaged over 53 churches in the ministries of Mission First
- sponsored 14 children's fairs
- witnessed new spiritual life and growth in thousands of individuals involved in weekly ministries highlighted

And the impact continues. . .