Mission First History


Ten years ago, the word oasis would have been the last word that you would associate with Rosedown Apartments. Rundown, crime, hopeless, violence and hurt. All of these would be words used in 1999 to describe not only the apartment complex, but the surrounding neighborhood. In fact, a grandmother’s prayer to God was simple and direct. “Lord, please send someone, anyone to take the trash away,” she prayed.

Did God answer this heartfelt, honest prayer? Of course He did. And, He answered it with more hope, purpose and passion than anyone ever expected. He answered in away that showed the heart of a loving, caring, determined, Father.

His answer was found in the planting of a community ministry center. His plan was to not only take the trash away, but to transform the very soul of a city through the efforts of His followers.

Mission First now stands as an oasis shining out to the entire Metro Jackson area to meet the tangible needs of individuals as an avenue to meet the paramount spiritual needs. Our city has soul - a transforming one.