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  • Cecilia Norwood

A Day at Mission First

In a day at Mission First this summer, on our campuses you would find:

Every morning begins with a full, nutritional breakfast.

Both of our campuses start the day with a morning devotion that includes both music and Bible study.

During the morning, our OASIS students have educational enrichment time organized by age. This practice time utilizing the skills our students have learned during the year allows them to retain that knowledge, rather than lose it over the summer as so often happens.

We also have breakout Bible study in small groups where some of our older students get the chance for more personal teaching and a more involved discussion about the topics.

At the same time, our visiting church groups are taking the opportunity before the heat of the day reaches its peak to help with campus facility upkeep. They also serve our community through yardwork and house repairs.

Often, this is also when guest speakers will come and encourage our students.

At noon every day, both of our campuses have lunch prepared for the children.

In the afternoon, visiting church groups organize and teach VBS for the children. This is when they get to spend time talking, teaching, playing games, and getting to know each other.

We also have:

Field Trip Friday: Every Friday, our OASIS students get the opportunity to go on a field trip for a hands-on learning experience of the world around them. They’ve been to places like the Civil Rights Museum, the Mississippi Children’s Museum, and the Natural Science Museum, along with getting the chance to go bowling and to visit with one of our partner churches, Central United Methodist Church.

Guests: Guests with a personal connection to Mission First come by from time to time. When they do, they’re always sure to come in and give the students a visit, pouring into the students as a way to give back. One such guest is Demario Davis, starting linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. He has partnered with us for the past 6 years to generously give his time and financial support.

St. Dominic's Care-A-Van: We want to be certain that our students at both campuses get the opportunity every year for a physical examination. St. Dominic’s staff and their Care-A-Van program partner with us in this mission. Volunteers from St. Dominic’s not only bring their equipment to examine the students free of charge, but also put special effort into explaining their methods and easing any fears a child might have while doing it. They take the worry and uncertainty out of the idea in children’s minds of visiting the doctor for a checkup and reassure them that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

At Mission First, our campuses are always moving and adding something new. No two days are ever quite the same! We’re thankful to all of the staff and volunteers that make our mission possible, and we’re excited to see what the Lord has in store for our future.

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