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Another Wonderful Christmas Store

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Our Mission First staff has spent many weeks in preparation and anticipation for this year's Christmas Store. We were excited to be able to offer a wide array of gifts this year with a few extra fun items!

Despite the threatening weather heading our way, the sun peaked out and the temperature was lovely making it a great afternoon for parents to shop. As parents made their way around each table with some help by our volunteers in selecting gifts, they soon had big garbage bags full of items their child would both need and want this Christmas.

Our Christmas Store is made possible in part by the gifts that have been given by churches, community groups, and individuals in the area.

Here are only a few of our generous volunteers! We had many many helping hands.

Our volunteers wrapped the individual items picked out by parents. The only one they didn't wrap was the new fun item this year: sleeping bags!

Festive appetizers and drinks were also provided to parents so they could have a moment to enjoy themselves.

Our Christmas Store is an annual event that continues to bring so much hope and joy to our Mission First families! While we'd love to thank each individual that has played a part by name, the list would be very long by the time you add in each person that contributed a gift item or volunteer that gave up an afternoon during the busiest time of the year. If you were or have been in any way a part of this event, know that you are making a difference that reaches far beyond our Christmas Store!

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