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Arts in Motion - "Food As Art Week"

Last week, we had our highly anticipated Arts in Motion “Food As Art Week” sponsored by Junior League of Jackson, and the students in our summer program enjoyed every minute of it! The week was filled with delicious breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It was also educational as our students were given the opportunity to tap into their inner culinary skills.

For one of our activities of the week, students were given their own chef station where they were able to mix customized seasoning blends as well as prep lettuce and tortilla chips for a delicious taco lunch!

Other highlighted activities included creative snack times in which students made edible clam masterpieces, ocean scene graham crackers, and Jello fish bowls!

Breakfast and lunch was provided by local restaurants all week in support of Junior League of Jackson’s "Buy Local, Support Local".

Here's a look at our vendors we'd like to thank for their kind donations:

Steve's Deli

Chunky Dunks Campbell's Craft Donuts

Sal & Mookie's The Manship

Other vendors: Fred's Soul Food, Fauna Foodworks Featuring Chef Enrika Williams, Broad Street Cafe, Sugar's Place Downtown

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