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Ms. Claudette Nolan Serves 15 Years

It's hard to believe that Ms. Claudette Nolan has been a part of the Mission First team for 15 years now. As the Director of Education on our main campus, Ms. Nolan has helped countless students over the years with our OASIS after school ministry that meets during the school year and the OASIS summer program. She has a passion for teaching her students and watching them grow and mature in Christ.

"What I love the most about being here at Mission First is sharing the love of Christ with the students. Over the years, I have watched many of the students grow up, get married and have children who are now students at Mission First. Some have returned as volunteers and interns. I get excited knowing that I made a difference in someone's life." - Ms. Nolan

If you have ever helped or donated an item for our Christmas store then you likely already know that she has had a huge hand in organizing the store and coordinating with the volunteers. The mission of the Christmas store is to assist students' parents during the busiest time of year so that they can have a real shopping experience without the added expense of gifts for their kids. Many of these gifts are items that students have a need for.

We'll leave you with a couple throwback photos of Ms. Claudette Nolan! As you can see, she has brought so much fun and joy to the work she's done with Mission First. We are blessed to see firsthand how she continues the work God has for her.

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Shunelle Lee
Shunelle Lee
04 de mai. de 2021

Love her ❤

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