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Mission First's ministries allow individuals to use their specialized skill sets to meet people at their point of need. Attorneys are able to assist clients through our legal aid office. Doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, dental hygienists and other healthcare professionals are able to serve patients in our medical dental clinic. Our children's education Program allows volunteers to be a reading buddy or provide homework assistance through our after-school program. 



Volunteer groups primarily serve alongside our Community Development Ministry on projects in and around our neighborhood. Community revitalization projects (construction/demolition/painting), widow ministry (yard work & domestic projects) and street clean-up are all activities that groups have done on our campus and in our community. In addition to our community development ministry, groups have the option to serve with our children's education & sports ministries.  


Volunteer Dormitory Features:

48 beds in the sleeping spaces (24 guys' side; 24 ladies' side)
3 shower stalls in each gender-specific sleeping space
Community Area for Bible studies, group meetings, etc.
Full Kitchen for meal preparation
Outdoor Pavilion for group hangout time or Bible study
Access to gymnasium for worship time, games or recreation times
2 bathroom stalls in each gender-specific sleeping space
Washer & Dryer units
Secure facility - campus is fully fenced and gated



Our part-time staff assists our Ministry Directors in programming and project implementation. Part-time staff are hired by the Ministry Directors to serve in our Children's Education Program, Sports Program and Community Development Ministry. Their consistency and dependability are vital to the operations of our various ministries.

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