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Summer Program meets students’ education, physical, and spiritual needs

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Summer break is meant to be a time to slow down, to learn through exploration, and break out from the normal school routine. However, for students with working parents that have limited time and resources, summer can be a challenging time. It may be out of reach for a student to take regular visits to the museum or make a trip to the beach particularly with gas prices on the rise.

We fill that gap by providing enriching all-day activities for students through our summer program.This 6-week program operates from 7:30am-3:00pm and takes place across two campuses only miles away from downtown Jackson. We offer education, sports, arts, gardening, Bible studies, and worship to elementary through high school students. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Our summer program is crucial to meeting students’ educational needs as it allows them to avoid regression that can happen in the weeks away from an enriching learning environment during the school year.

In addition to this summer program, we partner with a variety of religious, educational, and philanthropic organizations that serve during their summer program hours. It is not uncommon for there to be upwards of 100 students on their main campus during an average day in the summer with us.

This week alone, our main campus is hosting students from three different organizations: First Baptist Church of Starkville, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Brilla Soccer Ministries.

FBC Starkville students have been staying in our dorms on campus. There, they spend their mornings cleaning up and working on various projects on their campus that are out of reach for staff and volunteers during the school year. In the afternoon, FBC Starkville students interact with Mission First’s elementary students through engaging activities, games, music, art, drama, and Bible lessons.

Brilla ministry's purpose is to share the good news of Jesus Christ through the game of soccer. This week, Brilla is hosting a soccer camp for our elementary students helping them learn the basics of soccer. Next week, they’ll be back to visit the campus and work on more advanced skills with Mission First’s high school students.

FCA is hosting a camp for middle and high school students encompassing planned sports activities. This organization creates influential relationships through teaching the skills they’ve developed as athletes to our students. FCA students and volunteers jump in on these sports activities throughout the week creating a fun and challenging environment. Their lessons and annual theme for the camp is rooted in Scripture.

Each year, a noticeable change takes place among our students throughout the summer program. Students warm up to one another and make new friends. Our staff and volunteers create a strong bond with students through their time of worship together, one-on-one talks, and the safe environment that has been created for students to share their hearts and minds. This kind of mentorship is irreplaceable. In alignment with our vision statement, the summer program makes the most of the opportunity for relationship, conversation, and sharing the love and truth of Christ.

We continue this ministry throughout the year by offering an after school program. If you have an elementary student that you would like to enroll for our fall after school program, now’s the time!

Apply online today: For middle school girls contact: or middle school guys contact:

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